The Big Max Quattro was launched at the start of the new 2017 golf season and is being closely observed by the golf media. The National Club Golfer for example, recently posted a review about the Blade Quattro.

Big Max are market leaders when it comes to push trolleys. Their products are very popular right across Europe and it’s not hard to see why. What struck me immediately with the Blade Quattro was it seemed they had taken some of the best bits about some of their previous trolleys and rolled it all into one. It has the unique and innovative folding mechanism from the Autofold, folds away really small like the previous Blade trolleys and has added stability from having four wheels. Article on The National Club Golfer

The test shows neatly the key features the Blade Quattro stands for.

This is hands-down the best push trolley we have ever tested. Its performance on the course is superb but the way it folds away so quickly, easily and into a compact size gives it the edge over its competition. It can be put behind your seat, on the parcel shelf, on the back seat or on the top of your bag in the boot with no trouble at all.

If you’re a golfer that shies away from using a trolley because you feel like they are too much hassle – the Blade Quattro could make you think again.

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