Electric Trolleys

The BIG MAX electric trolleys are revolutionizing golf equipment by combining cutting-edge technology with unmatched golf comfort. These state-of-the-art trolleys feature a high-performance lithium battery, providing impressive range for extended golf sessions. Their lightweight design allows for effortless handling, while they glide quietly and unobtrusively across the golf course.

With innovative features such as the Ergonomic Ring System and an electronic downhill speed regulation, the BIG MAX electric trolleys provide an efficient and comfortable solution for golfers. These features make control easier and enhance safety on the course by maintaining consistent speed even on downhill slopes. Whether you're a professional or a hobby golfer, these trolleys are an ideal addition for a pleasant and effective golfing experience.

BIG MAX is setting new standards in the world of golf with its electric trolleys, bringing a blend of performance, comfort, and technology to the golf course.


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