INDEPENDENT GOLF REVIEWS: Redefining the compact golf push cart

INDEPENDENT GOLF REVIEWS: Die Neudefinition des kompakten Golf Push Carts

igolfrevue wrote an interesting product review about the BIG MAX Blade Quattro , emphasizing the diverse properties of the 4-wheel trolley and the development from a simple bag support on wheels to a high-tech device in form and function. Today's designs, like the Blade Quattro , fit easily into a locker or the trunk of a Checy Camero when folded.

The Blade Quattro can be easily unfolded, so you don't need an afternoon to set it up: to the review (English)

“Unless you're rolling the trolley straight out of the store, most [trolleys, n.d.] have to be assembled. Thankfully, the Blade Quattro doesn't take all afternoon to put together. All you have to do is plug in the wheels. It is very simple and extremely easy to understand the instructions. (...) The trolley is unfolded in a simple hand movement. Folding the trolley back up is no hassle and takes up very little space. My trunk had twice as much space as with the previous trolley I had used.”

Click here for the BIG MAX Blade Quattro

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