e-Lite 3

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Color: phantom black

The new e-Lite 3 impresses with its compact elegance and remarkable simplicity. The aluminum frame has a conical shape to ensure particularly good strength. Combining sleek looks and a unique robust design, the e-Lite 3 is very comfortable to use, even when loaded with a full golf bag. This makes the e-Lite the ideal companion on the golf course, even on challenging terrain.

e-Lite 3

Below the Fold

Foam Wheels

The e-lite comes with high quality foam wheels and a CNC machined mounting mechanism. The wheels ensure optimal comfort and a smooth ride on any surface, and the click mechanism makes attaching and detaching incredibly satisfying.

Remote Control included

In addition to the machined aluminum controls on the handle, the trolley comes with a remote control that allows you to control the e-lite from a distance. Thanks to the innovative software from BIG MAX, the feeling of control is incomparable.

Aluminum Accessories

For the e-lite we have developed our own line of accessories made of high-quality aluminum. The minimalist umbrella holder and the high-quality scorecard holder perfectly match the design concept of the electric trolley.

e-Lite 3

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Quick fold


5.6 kg

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60 x 70 x 7 cm


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