Dri Lite V-4

The Dri Lite V-4 bag offers the perfect overview of the clubs. Whereas with conventional tops large clubs hide smaller clubs, the V-Lock system works as follows:

V-LOCK allows you to lock your woods with a sophisticated twist and lock function so that they remain exactly in the desired position. I.e. they no longer hang down and thus give you a clear view of all the clubs. The result: you have the perfect overview!

The BIG MAX Dri Lite technology combines water-repellent material with 100% waterproof zips. Most brands would call this “waterproof”. Thanks to our AQUA line, which is truly 100% waterproof, the term “water repellent” is good enough for us here. We are also so confident that “Dri Lite” will keep a golfer’s gear completely dry on all days except perhaps massively wet days.