Smaller Footprint Needs Bigger Thinking

Smaller Footprint Needs Bigger Thinking

With the BLADE Quattro and the new BLADE IP, BIG MAX reduces its ecological footprint and thus contributes to environmental protection.

BIG MAX , Europe's #1 selling push trolley brand, has made the decision to remove all plastic packaging from the trolleys, reduce overall packaging by 70%, increase the amount of recyclable materials and even work with manufacturing partners to eliminate the plastic protective material to be recycled for assembly and internal transport.

With global initiatives such as the Clean Oceans Alliance and Break Free from Plastic raising awareness of the impact of plastic overuse, BIG MAX has decided to do its part to reduce its carbon footprint.

Thomas Reiter , owner of BIG MAX, states: “As BIG MAX becomes a truly global brand, we naturally also feel a greater responsibility to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment. By reducing our plastic consumption and increasing the use of recyclable materials, we can make a small contribution to the environment. As always with BIG MAX , we have championed our ideas in all the countries where we operate and are proud to have quickly reached the point where we have Green Seal certification and an EU have received environmental labels.”

The conversion of the BIG MAX processes has already started with the packaging of the new BLADE IP and the BLADE Quattro push carts. A total of 21 polybags have been removed, plastic user manual sleeves have been replaced with paper, and axle protection has been switched from plastic to cardboard for transport. Overall, the packaging of each trolley has been reduced by 70%, with the added benefit that assembly is even easier and much faster for the consumer.

The new BLADE IP and BLADE Quattro Carts are the first BIG MAX products to be packaged to these specifications. All other BIG MAX products will get the updated packaging next year.

Click here for the BIG MAX Blade IP

Click here for the BIG MAX Blade Quattro

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