The Golf Team Austria and the ÖGV have found a "big" partner in BIG MAX

Das Golf Team Austria und der ÖGV haben mit BIG MAX einen „großen“ Partner gefunden

In the national colors of red-white-red, the Aqua 8 from BIG MAX , a super light and 100% waterproof carry bag, was examined, tried out and admired by the squad players. The super-slim, very easily and quickly foldable Autofold FF from BIG MAX , with its red rims, the Austrian flag and the note "Team Austria" on the stand, shows that this is the new equipment for the ÖGV players acts. The crowning glory is the red Travelcover Wheeler 3 with personalized handles.

But the national colors were not decisive for the BIG MAX decision of the ÖGV. Rather, it was the functionality, the high quality, the easy handling and of course the design of the BIG MAX products. In addition, BIG MAX is a purely Austrian brand - founded in 1994 by Thomas Reiter , owner and managing director of Golf Tech, a golf wholesaler based in Vienna, BIG MAX quickly became number 1 in Europe. With the market entry in the USA in 2014, not only was another big and important step in the history of the Austrian company achieved, but also the conquest of the entire golf market worldwide.

And this success story continues with the partnership with the ÖGV and the support of the Golf Team Austria. “We work very hard every year to ensure that our product line covers all golfer needs, because every golfer is different, has different goals and has different needs. Our range of golf bags ranges from the waterproof and light tour bag to the ultra-light Sunday bag," says Thomas Reiter , founder of the BIG MAX brand. But BIG MAX 's passion is and remains the golf trolley. It has to be space-saving, quick and easy to fold, easy to handle and stable. The Blade Trolley, with its unique flat-fold technology, was the pioneer of ultra-slim trolleys and has been stable on the market for years and is more popular than ever. The new Autofold FF , with which the Golf Team Austria was equipped, is similarly flat, but also particularly stable and offers ultimate running comfort. It is not for nothing that BIG MAX offers a guarantee of up to 5 years (when registering on, which is particularly appreciated by customers.

“Equipping the squad players with our products makes us very proud, and so we wish the players many successful rounds. We are convinced that our newest and most innovative products will also contribute to the success of the players." says Thomas Reiter .

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