The most important premises of BIG MAX are quality, innovation and function of all products.
Big Max stands for Big Service.

We are Europe`s trolley manufacturer no.1 and was founded 1994. The quality of products has been improved every year and this gives us the confidence to offer an extended warranty of up to 5 years for BIG MAX Push- and Pull trolleys.

BIG MAX golf bags and travelcover are manufactured using high-quality materials and captivating functions. BIG MAX product lines cover most needs of golfers and follow the successful philosophy:
Everyone is different and has different requirements


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You have a 2 year guarantee on your bag from the date of purchase. There is an option to extend the warranty to 3 years by registering online.

You have a 2-year guarantee on your Travelcover from the date of purchase.

You have a 2-year guarantee on your push / pull cart from the date of purchase. There is an option to extend the warranty to 5 years by registering online. You will receive a +1 year guarantee with the return of the guarantee card.

You have a 2 year guarantee on your electric cart from the date of purchase. You also receive a 2-year guarantee on your battery and charger.


Due to the “Montreal Convention”, the airline is liable for destruction, loss or damage to checked baggage, regardless of fault.

You can immediately contact us personally by calling up the complaint form.
Personal contact is important, which is why the retailer from whom you bought the product has all the information needed to process a complaint.

You will find an Allen key in the packaging of every newly purchased trolley. You can find out how to use this in the enclosed operating instructions or under the item “User Manual” on our homepage for the respective trolley.

If you can no longer find your trolley on our homepage, contact us at

Product Questions

All of our cart bags are designed with a divider for 14 clubs.

Our cart bags are designed with an extra large putter compartment so that every commercially available putter grip should fit.

Hybrid means that the carrybag is designed to also be used as a cartbag.

We recommend the BIG MAX “Spine” as protection.
With our i-Guard Travelcover, your clubs are already protected.

QF is short for Quick Fix. Accessories with this designation fit on all of our push / pull trolleys. For trolleys that do not have a QF holder, we recommend the Rainstar Classic.

We have two umbrella models that fit in any weather due to their U.V. protection. The BIG MAX Aqua UV umbrella and the BIG MAX Aqua UV XL umbrella.

Quick Fix is the name of the innovative fastening system from BIG MAX. The Quick Fix System for every BIG MAX golf trolley is easy and quick to attach to and is compatible with every umbrella size, as well as mobile phones and GPS devices. Diverse and adaptable.

Image 01:
To attach an umbrella holder, mobile phone or GPS device holder using Quick Fix, press the button at the top edge of the organizer panel and remove the cover.

Image 1

Image 02:
Now, for example, take the umbrella holder and push it into the hole whilst holding down the button in the Quick Fix bracket. Then release the button.

Image 2

Image 03:
The teeth of the accessories bracket and Quick Fix bracket need to connect properly for the accessories to be correctly attached.

Image 3

Address: BIG MAX EUROPE, Carlbergergasse 66, 1230 Wien, Österreich

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