BIG MAX reduces plastic waste.

Europe’s #1 push trolley and golf bag brand BIG MAX is further enhancing its reputation for innovation with its latest environmental initiative – using high quality recyclable packaging for its Aqua Cart bag range that doubles as a garment carrier.

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Austrian Tour Pro Markus Brier has been spotted using a prototype electric trolley from Europe’s leading trolley manufacturer BIG MAX, on the European Tour.

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BIG MAX wins the Golf Digest Editors Choice Award for the third time!

We are very proud to announce that the BIG MAX Blade IP has once again won the well known Golf Digest Editors Choice Award.

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BIG MAX on the PGA Tour 2020

BIG MAX, Europe’s leading trolley and golf bag manufacturer, is once again exhibiting its new product line and innovations for the 2020 season at the PGA Show in Orlando.

In the new trolley line, a highlight of the show will be the ultra-light and smooth-running TI Lite, which will be available in stores in Europe from February. On the bag side, the highlights will be the new Aqua Prime, which uses high-tech materials specially developed for Big Max and combines an elegant look with perfect function. The new Aqua Tour 3 meets the demands of all golf enthusiasts with a lot of storage space and comfort, while the Aqua Hybrid 2 uses the new Big Max Hybrid stand platform with traction minimization for the first time.