What do you do when you are an Award Winning push trolley which is superseded by a younger generation? Do you give up and rust? No, of course not, you simply remember what you have achieved and keep on rolling! In 2016 the Autofold FF was awarded the Golf Digest award as best push trolley and pathed the way for its successor Blade Quattro which received the best push trolley award by Golf Digest in 2017.

With the summer holiday season in full swing we take a step back to look at what magazines and blogs have to say about the Autofold FF over the last year.

The Independent Golf reviews for example write about the Autofold FF:

“Driving a MINI Cooper means that how the cart folds down has been an important factor of every cart I’ve used.  The Big Max Autofold FF folds way more flat than other carts which has a real benefit in the trunk of smaller cars.  When I fold it flat, the Autofold FF fits nicely in the trunk, right under my bag.  I can get it into an even smaller space if I remove the wheels.  Obviously I still need them, but the flexibility of putting them somewhere else offers great space savings.”

Hookedongolfblog.com mentions the wheels, the handle and the placement of the golf bag, as well as other delicacies of the Autofold FF:

“The frame of this unit is extremely solid and sturdy.  Big Max makes many push carts for the rental pool of courses, and those must be tough.  That knowledge and experience in design carries into the BMAF.   That said, the unit is still quite light and easy to lift into the trunk of my car.  When folding up, the two rear wheels can be easily removed.

The handle is big and solid with nice padding.  That helps to make pushing the unit and steering it easy.

The golf bag is secured onto the cart with some nice and easy to use thick bungee cables with solid hooks.  It’s a good way to secure the bag.  The unit can cary bags up to the large “tour” size.”

The pouch is very large.  I bet it would easily hold 3-4 dozen golf balls.  I put my GPS, phone, camera, sunglasses, cigars, cutter, tees, glove and small children in there.”

Quite an achievement and definitely something a push trolley can be proud of.